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Terms and conditions

By accessing via Web to you must observe a series of rules and conditions in order to browse this website. To break any of these rules implies assuming total and absolute legal responsibility regarding the committed action.

The pictures of the products might be illustrative or outdated. The products can be modified without prior announcement and are subject to stock and raw materials availability according seasonality. We suggest checking availability in advance. Micromed System S.A. reserves the right to modify any of the products described in this website without prior announcement.

Any use of the content for illegal purposes is considered an abuse. The use of copyright or intellectual rights and material reproduction without prior written authorization on the part of Micromed System S.A. is strictly forbidden and it’s illegal. The alteration of contents, data and/or images is illegal and considered an abuse.

When you navigate or use this website, you manifest agreement with this terms and conditions, and you accept them without limitation or reservation. If you don’t agree with the terms and conditions, do not use this web address. It is assumed that all what is produced in this website has registered rights (copyright) and it’s registered, unless it is expressed another thing; also, without written authorization on the part of Micromed System S.A. you must not use it, but as it’s established in this terms and conditions.

All images, videos and multimedia material in general contained in this website and their respective pages are property of Micromed System S.A. and/or companies who have agreed its use with Micromed System S.A. Therefore, the use of images is forbidden by any other person outside Micromed System S.A., unless a specific written authorization is granted. The unauthorized use of images might violate intellectual property laws, patents and trademarks laws, confidentiality and publicity of data, as well as communications rules and regulations. The images of people, places or products shown in this website are used in full-fledge, or by agreements between Micromed System S.A. and those concerned.

The use and navigation through this website is at your own risk. Neither Micromed System S.A. nor any third party involved in the creation, production or supply of this website is responsible for the direct, unexpected, consistent, indirect or punishable damage resulting from the access or use of this website. With no limitation of what is stated before, everything in the website is provided “as it is” without guarantee of any kind, expressly or tacitly. Micromed System S.A. does not assume any responsibility by any damage or virus that might affect your computer equipment or any other kind of property as a consequence of the access, use or navigation of the website or by loading material, data, text, images, videos or audio from

No communication or material transmitted to the website by email or other way, including data, questions, observations, suggestions or similar, is considered confidential or patented. Micromed System S.A. can use anything transmitted or sent for any purpose, including but not limited to, reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, emission. Also, Micromed System S.A. is free to use the ideas, concepts, experiences or techniques included in any kind of communication sent to the website to whatever purpose, including but not limited to, development, manufacturing and commercialization of products with that information.

The trademarks, logotypes and service brands (collectively, the "Brands") shown in the website, are registered and unregistered brands of Micromed System S.A. and/or others. It must not be interpreted any of the included in the website as grants, by implication, withdrawal or any other way, neither license nor right to use any brand shown in the website without written authorization on the part of Micromed System S.A. or from the third party who might own the brands shown in the website.

It is informed that Micromed System S.A. will assert unquestionably its intellectual property rights up to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Micromed System S.A. has not verified all the web addresses linked to this website and is not responsible for the content of this foreign websites. The connection to other websites or other addresses is at your own risk.

Micromed System S.A. will fully cooperate with the responsible authorities of law enforcement or with any court order that require or demand Micromed System S.A. to reveal the identity of anyone who uses the information or material included in this website. Micromed System S.A. can, at any time, modify this terms and conditions. These modifications are binding and, therefore, it’s necessary to check periodically the current Terms and conditions to which you are obliged each time you use this website.