Ar-Mic Express

Titanium harpoon.

Ar-Mic Express
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Ar-Mic Express

• Titanium threaded anchoring of ø3 mm and ø5 mm, with 3 wide turns for a better bone anchor.

• It’s presented with Ar-Mic MAX high resistance double stitch composed of polyethylene braided fiber of high molecular weight and polyester, and incorporated handle.

• Considering its features, it’s used on these following surgeries:

Instability, Bankart lesion, SLAP lesion, rotator cuff surgery, Biceps tendons repair, acromion-clavicular luxation.
Tendons, medial and lateral ligaments repairing.
Ankle and Foot
Plastic for ankle instability. Tendons transferences/transpositions. Deltoid ligament injury in ankle fracture. Achilles tendon fixing.

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