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Regional Commercialization

Micromed System Regional Commercialization

With the launching of the “National Control Program of Medicine Market and Medical Products” created by Regulation 2124/2011 and under the proficiency assigned by the ANMAT, the Program has as a primary objective the fulfillment of a legitimate control of the sales, distribution and delivery of medicine and medical products in all the national territory, therefore guaranteeing the quality, efficiency and security of how they reach the population.

Obtaining our certification of international standards management ISO 13485:2003 focused on the quality of medical products, allowed us to optimize the quality system to fulfill the different national and international legal and regulatory requirements (validations, traceability, bio-compatibility, etc.).

Considering this regulatory frame as a generator of new opportunities and multiple benefits, MICROMED SYSTEM S.A. in its plan of Global Sales growth, announces the beginning of a new era of regional and local expansion of its sales network.

The invitation is directed to companies and developers of health business in Argentina and Latin-America to join MICROMED SYSTEM S.A. as new strategic partners, interested in generating brand value and market positioning, with the distinguished trajectory products of MICROMED SYSTEM S.A. brands for its different lines Micromed System Sports Medicine and Micromed System Spine.

Those interested to know more about our expansion plan and who wish to participate in this growth experience, can contact MICROMED SYSTEM S.A. by sending an e-mail to