SRC Kranion

Custom-made cranial reconstruction system.

SRC Kranion SRC Kranion SRC Kranion SRC Kranion SRC Kranion
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SRC Kranion

• Custom made for each patient from its TAC 3D achieving an excellent esthetic and functional result.

• The implant is fully produced in Micromed System laboratories, equipped with the best technology and the highest quality controls, in accordance with ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 regulations and under a rigorous oversight from Bio-Engineers.

•Micromed System provides traceability guarantee to the doctor and the patient for each one of the raw material used and of the good practices of the implant manufacturing according to ANMAT active regulations.

• The materials utilized are bio-compatible and non-resorbable.

• Benefits:
Esthetic, psychological and functional recovery, protection; overrides the direct action of atmospheric pressure on the encephalon restoring the flux of cerebrospinal fluid, improves vision and language neurological deficits; notable advances in rehabilitation.

• Advantages:
Reduces time and surgical risk decreasing morbidity. Reduces hospitalization time and therefore admission costs. Ideal for extended and complex defects.

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