A Plate Mic

Front cervical fixator (ref.: Galea)

A Plate Mic
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A Plate Mic

• Low profile plate blocked in titanium with anatomical curvature.

• Instruments developed to reduce surgical time.

• Advanced design with hi-tech development.

• VAS: Variable angle screw. High quality instruments in compliance with the highest international standards.

• Includes Caspar separator.

• Guide with variable grade and 130º soft parts separator.

• Pins for plate presentation. Easy liberation screw case.

• Measures (hole by length in mm): 5x25 - 5x27 - 5x30 - 5x32 - 5x35 - 5x38 6x41 - 6x44 - 6x47 - 6x50 - 6x53 - 7x56 7x59 - 7x62 - 7x65.

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